Why We Started PLIRIS Plans

Volume Builders

Many volume home builders rely on base plan sets and use of prescriptive path design. Prescriptive path has been an efficient tool that allows a home to be designed without the use of an engineer.  Although an effective tool, it limits options for door/window openings, wall placements, etc. pushing designs into a “common envelope.”  Since adoption this code guided process has become more stringent and in many cases has made it less cost effective.

PLIRIS takes your base plans and works with your team to develop the most cost and time efficient structural design.  In addition, we provide code review and updates to the plans to ensure the residences are always in compliance and permits are issued the first time.  Once our library of your base plans are established, simply submit for a reproduction via the PLIRIS Portal for prompt re-issuance.  Contact us today to see how we may save you time, money, and expand your companies offerings.

House Plan Sites

While working for an engineering firm our founder regularly met with clients who had purchased “their dream home” design online only to find that other than a floor plan and exterior aesthetics, the plans provided nothing else. Commonly these homes were designed to an outdated building code and and provided no details, leaving the purchaser with nothing more than concept and far from having plans ready to submit for permits or build from.

PLIRIS takes your dream to reality by providing a fully engineered and code compliant plan set based on where the home is going.

  • All plans on our site include full architectural and structural plans. As well as review of the plans and detailing to address building code requirements for the region it is being constructed.
  • The PLIRIS Promise: Our plans are guaranteed for compliance with the design parameters and adopted building code for the jurisdiction it is being constructed in.  PLIRIS Plans are Complete Plans. Period.*
  • Prompt turn around. All homes listed for sale have been previously engineered for common design criteria.  If the plans remain unchanged, full project plans may be issued within 72 hours of order.
  • Manage your project through our PLIRIS Portal. Keep track of your contractors, materials, paint types and colors, etc. while you go.

*City specific amendments and planning requirements are not covered under the PLIRIS Promise. We recommend meeting with your jurisdiction regarding your specific lot and project intentions prior to purchase.  They should be able to inform you of any limitations which may affect the size of the home you’re considering.