A simple introduction to the PLIRIS portal and how to use it.

Welcome to the PLIRIS portal. We developed this portal so you, the home builder, can keep tabs on your project as it goes through its different stages with our engineers and drafters.  The portal displays relevant data on your project like, 

  • Client reference #
  • Job #
  • Due date
  • Project status

Instructional Video OVerview

Watch our video on how to use our PLIRIS portal.

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1: Log in Link

To login to the portal, scroll to the bottom of our homepage. There you will see the “BUILDER LOGIN”. Click that and enter your username and password. 

2: Log in FORM

After you click the login link you will see a login form where you are able to enter your username and password. Your username and password will be sent to you privately.

3: The look of your portal page

Your login will take you directly to your portal page. On the portal page you will see your two tabs, and a logout link at the top. 

4: Adding a new project

At the top of your portal page you will a tab that says “Add Project”. Click on this tab and you will see a form that you can use for uploading new projects to PLIRIS. 

That concludes our basic overview of your PLIRIS portal. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email, message through our contact form, or you can call our office at: 509.530.8713