PLIRIS Plan Management

PLIRIS provides full plan management services.  With a low-cost annual fee we will ensure all plans are kept up to code for all regions you construct in.  As code changes are adopted, we’ll work with you and our network of builders and professionals to provide cost effective options for compliance.  Looking to expand into other regions?  We can modify your plans quickly to ensure compliance in the new regions.

The PLIRIS Difference

Already have a library of house plans?  PLIRIS provides cost effective engineering, plan management, and ensured code compliance services.  Contact us for a consult and pricing.

If you’re looking to scale up and expand your current library, use our current plan library or our list of PLIRIS Professionals to assist.


The PLIRIS Portal provides for complete project management for every home.  Following an initial on-boarding phase, all plans, options, subcontractors, etc. will be saved to your PLIRIS Portal Profile for entry of all new projects.  Simply enter in the new project criteria in the portal, and follow the project through completion.  All portal plan requests will be issued within 72-hours of submission.