Engineers & Contractors

Register as a PLIRIS Professional.

Thank you for considering joining the PLIRIS Team.  We are always looking for individuals and firms to partner with to better serve our clients.  Registering with PLIRIS will provide you with direct access to new residential projects in your area.

Project requests will be sent out to our network of engineers for review and a proposal of price and timeline.  All proposals are then reviewed by our team and presented to the client.  You will be notified if and when your proposal is selected.  In addition, every PLIRIS Project may also require construction administration.  By registering with PLIRIS, our team, or client, will reach out to you when structural observation, special inspection, and/or design changes are necessary.

For contractors, your information will be preloaded in our PLIRIS Portal for your region.  Putting you in direct contact with every plan purchaser and builder.

Architects & Designers

Market Your Plans with PLIRIS.

Thank you for considering listing your plans with PLIRIS.  With PLIRIS you can list with confidence that your plans will be provided in a complete format.  Ensuring an efficient and stress-free start to every new home.

We are always seeking high quality designs of any type.  To be considered please contact our team with the following:

  • Representative plan(s) with elevations for the projects you want considered.
    • PDF format. A link to file share site such as Dropbox or Google Drive is acceptable.
  • Relevant information about your current practice, such as:
    • Link to your current website.
    • Any other sites you currently post your plans with.
  • Contact information

Thank you again for considering the PLIRIS team to help grow your business.

Code Compliant

Ensure your reputation on a larger scale as all plans purchased on PLIRIS will be engineered and updated for code compliance in the jurisdiction they are being constructed.

Be Featured

Be featured as one of our Architects/Designers and have your own page to feature your work.

First Right of Refusal

First right of refusal. If someone is interested in your plan, but needs modifications, you get first right to review the additional work requested and bid or pass.

Name Your Price

Name your price. You tell us your royalty, and we develop our pricing from there.