Complete House Plan Services

From Concept Through Construction

PLIRIS provides home builders with complete house plan services and management

Home Builders

Whether you build 1 or 10,000 homes a year, we’re here to make the front-end process expedient and affordable. We can help your clients find the home of their dreams, manage and expand your current plan library, and keep you ahead of ever changing trends and building codes.

Architects & Designers

Do you have a computer, or drawer, full of designs you want to get out to the world. List them with PLIRIS. To us your plans simply aren’t a drawing, they’re a dream to some future homeowner. We work with every purchaser to turn their dream into a project and a reality.

Engineers & Contractors

PLIRIS is always seeking companies and individuals to partner with to better serve our clients. Register with us and be notified of PLIRIS Projects in your area. Work with us to provide future homeowners with a stress-free and seamless start to their dream home.

Home Construction Problems? PLIRIS Has Solutions.

Why Pliris?

After decades of working in construction, engineering, and construction defect litigation, I had developed a long list of issues I found with the home construction industry that I wanted to solve.  Here are a few:

  • The design and engineering of a home needs to be more cost and time efficient.
  • Builders should have access to a variety and growing selection of house plans to offer their clients.
  • There needs to be better communication between builder and client throughout the entire design and construction process.

PLIRIS addresses these problems, and many others.  Whether you’re a long-established builder, new builder, or looking to act as your own builder, we are here to serve.  Explore what we have to offer and feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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It’s a real hassle for home builders to maintain code compliance on all of their plans. We have a plan management system that manages home builder plans for them so they can continue to focus on their home building business.